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OCTOROCK is a space where visiting scientists, post-docs, grad students, undergrads, photographers, and documentary film-makers can have access to the O. cyanea in enhanced, benthic, open-air, naturally lit tank conditions that resemble their natural environment as much as possible using flow-through systems with their native water.

Why O. cyanea?

Hawaiian Day octopus (O. cyanea) is awesome because its diurnal so we humans can document its natural behavior during our waking hours. 

How much will you charge for access to OCTOROCK?

The intention of this project is to provide low-cost, subsidized access to octopuses for folks who want to learn, teach, and share. Prices will be negotiated depending upon the project. There will be a sliding scale for usage, ranging down to $0 for students with great ideas who might not otherwise have an opportunity to work with these amazing creatures.

Are you an octopus farm?


Do you ever intend to farm octopuses?


Will you conduct any type of invasive experiments with octopuses?


Will you rent OCTOROCK to researchers who are conducting invasive experiments?

No. Only non-invasive research will be permitted in the facility.

Are you a non-profit organization?

No. Silver Spiral Seas LLC, sponsors OCTOROCK as part of its overall mission: “To advance marine research, education, and conservation by providing support and space for multidisciplinary sharing and collaboration.”

Then how are you funded?

Until Silver Spiral Seas LLC can be self-sustaining, financial support for our projects comes from our online retail partners, Silver Spiral Arts (www.silverspiralarts.com) and Ornata Jewelry (www.ornatajewelry.com).

OCTOROCK seems like a lot of work. Why are you doing this?

Just trying to do our small part in making the world a great place. Plus, octopuses are really cool. :)