Core Values

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We provide space and support to ongoing marine research, education, and conservation efforts at a time when our oceans need it most. Silver Spiral Seas aims to achieve these objectives by promoting a culture grounded in positive attitude and collaboration.


  • Choosing to work with an upbeat attitude and genuine appreciation

  • Accepting challenges with an optimistic and positive mindset

  • Striving for significant and positive impact


  • Supporting and elevating team members and collaborators

  • Avoiding negativity and complaining

  • Appreciating and showing respect for the time and effort of others

No Hubris

  • Striving to work without ego, arrogance, or excessive pride

  • Understanding that there is much we don’t know

  • Seeking first to understand, then be understood

  • Asking for help, education, and collaboration when needed

  • Accepting the input and ideas of others with a genuine open-mindedness


  • Communicating freely, regularly, and honestly

  • Seeking information from multiple sources

  • Requesting feedback often

  • Striving to communicate in a manner that cannot be misunderstood


  • Thinking through plans and ideas thoroughly

  • Minimizing unanticipated consequences by considering all possible outcomes

  • Collaborating for synergy

  • Working quickly and efficiently without sacrificing accuracy or quality

Animals First

  • Understanding that the needs of any animals in our care have top priority


  • Doing what is right, as best we can

Mahalo and Welcome Aboard!