Dr. James Wood obtained his PhD at Dalhousie University. Through The Cephalopod Page, The Census of Marine Life,, and CephBase, Dr. Wood has been a pioneer in online marine science education and outreach. He co-authored the book Octopus: The Ocean's Intelligent Invertebrate, a chapter in Cephalopod Cognition, and numerous scientific journal articles. Dr. Wood has worked as a faculty research scientist, has served as Director of Education at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and has served as Associate Director at the Waikiki Aquarium. 

Gabrielle Lout has a B.S. in Marine and Conservation Biology from Seattle University and a M.A. in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development from Hawaii Pacific University. Her work and research has focused on coastal and watershed management, ecosystem services, coral reef conservation, and fresh water pricing. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology at Arizona State University, developing solutions to reduce waste in the U.S. seafood supply chain.

Adam Daw has a B.S. in Marine Biology from Texas A&M at Galveston, a M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and is currently a PhD student in the Coastal Sciences program at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. His work/research encompasses a range of topics related to the biology, ecology, and aquaculture of marine organisms and he has published numerous scientific papers, magazine articles, and has assisted with book chapters on these topics. He was previously the laboratory manager for the National Resource Center for Cephalopods where he helped oversee the captive care and culture of octopus, cuttlefish, squid and nautilus along with working with public aquariums and universities to facilitate their use in educational displays and research. He has spent many years specifically working with the octopuses around Hawai‘i Island as part of his Master’s thesis and work for the University of Hawaii at Hilo’s Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center.

Martin J. Kossoff, CFP, AIF, is President of Allegiant Private Advisors, LLC, Sarasota, FL, one of the largest independent advisory firms in the Gulf Coast region. Martin is recognized as one of the country's best advisors by Barron's and by the Financial Times. Allegiant currently has over $700 million under management and advises high net-worth families, business, and non-profits. Martin currently serves as a member of two non-profit boards and as an advisor to many others, consulting with them on issues such as fiduciary responsibility, establishment of investment guidelines and procedures, and protocols related to Investment Policy Statements. Martin graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Geology, and received his Master’s in Geology (Marine Sedimentology) from the State University of New York, Binghamton. 

Cindi Punihaole is the Project Director for Kahaluʻu Bay Education Center (KBEC) and serves as a cultural advisor on the Kona Coast of Hawaiʻi island. Having grown up learning traditional Hawaiian values and following an unwritten social code of Pono Practice, Cindi knew that it was possible for people coexist harmoniously with the land and sea. After witnessing first hand the anthropogenic stressors that have caused massive declines in the island’s spectacular reef ecosystem, Cindi founded KBEC to help preserve Kahaluʻu Bay for future generations. Today, under Cindi’s wise and steady leadership, KBEC hosts multiple programs engaging hundreds of volunteers in the areas of reef etiquette, history and culture, citizen science, visitor education, and marine conservation. For over a decade, Cindi has impacted over 400,000 visitors a year, in the warm spirit of aloha, by exposing them to the concept of Mālama ʻāina, to care for the land.