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Silver Spiral Seas LLC launched in 2018 in response to witnessing some of the recent devastating changes to our ocean's coral reefs and the sea life they support. In researching the extent of the damage, it was indisputable that some of the earth's greatest marine treasures are currently threatened to the point of extinction. 

But these are just words you're reading now-- concepts, dry and abstract-- that can't even begin to deliver the profound respect that this situation actually warrants. Seriously. Here's a list of some great documentaries that powerfully demonstrate both the scope of the problem as well as the incredible beauty that still exists in our marine habitats:

Chasing Coral (available on Netflix)

A Plastic Ocean (available on Netflix)

Mission Blue (available on Netflix)

Blue Planet II (2018) (available on Amazon)

Racing Extinction (available on Amazon)

If you watch these films, you will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion we did- the likely trajectory in the absence of intervention has mind-blowing consequences, making it clear we all need to do something.

But what?

Because of the global nature of the many interrelated plights plaguing our seas, it can be overwhelming to contemplate the scope of the problem and difficult to know where to begin to try to help. We took the approach of choosing one manageable, actionable thing at a time and just doing it. 

Please check out the OCTOROCK project and take a look at Kahalu'u Bay, and feel free to contact us with any feedback or great ideas you might have!

Here's to keeping our oceans alive, one step at a time...

Silver Spiral Seas LLC